Dynamic Keyboard Updated to 1.10.0!

A warm new update, as promised for the festive season!

Quite a modest update, however expect more over the Christmas period!

Here are some of the changes –

  • Fixes numeric keyboard not containing the period key
  • Clearer symbols keyboard
  • Many optimizations
  • Auto-complete no longer on by default on installation (won’t affect current settings).
  • The * key is now on the first page of the symbols keyboard
  • Minor bug fixes

More keyboard layouts and letters to come soooooon!

Merry Christmas!

5 thoughts on “Dynamic Keyboard Updated to 1.10.0!

  1. Purchased your dynamic keyboard. Easier to type with than google keyboard but mike input icon is missing if I wanted to choose voice input. The other default Samsung S3 system keyboard had this icon on the bottom left.

    Is there a way to choose voice input while using the dynamic keyboard?

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