Minecraft Mods

Back in 2011 when I was about 15 I was still getting to grips with programming. I found that modding was a great opportunity to work with high standard real world code.

It was around the time Minecraft was huge, and I decided to try and see if I could mod the game. These projects taught me a huge amount of paradigms I still use today including object orientation and design patterns!

I am showcasing just a small selection of some of the work I did, I however only released Rave Mod as it was the only one worthy of release.

Rave Mod

One day when experimenting with Minecraft modding, I came up with the idea of a rave mod then released it. The Minecraft community went CRAZY for this, I came home one day after releasing it and just couldn’t believe the view counts were in the millions! I can’t thank the community enough, was such an … Continue reading Rave Mod

Shuttle Mod

This mod was a fun one back when I made it in 2011. I was only 16 and still new to programming and was into messing around with game code. I managed to pull this together using some cool modelling tools. It was basically just an extended boat, with some different physics! Real good fun, … Continue reading Shuttle Mod

Snowman Mod

I created this mod just before snowmen were actually implemented into the game, hence decided no reason to release. It was actually a really fun mod, extending the snowmen from Skeletons. The snowmen would occasionally accidentally throw at each other and get into fights with each other: