Web development is a key skill for any modern software engineer and is something I have became involved in various projects over the years.

In this website sub-section, we will be highlighting a few projects I was once involved in.


www.5217.ninja I am a big fan of the 5217 work methodology. Basically, work for 52 minutes then break for 17 minutes coined here. I used to use an app on my smartphone to time the cycles, however I wanted a solution that allowed me to not be distracted by my phone and instead view it straight … Continue reading 5217.ninja


www.alastairbreeze.com In June 2013, I decided it was time to start showcasing my work in a portfolio. With the release of Dynamic Keyboard approaching, it was the right time to create the site to also help manage the release of the product. The website was built and maintained using the WordPress CMS, a system that … Continue reading AlastairBreeze.com

St Chad’s College Website

www.stchads.ac.uk As a student of St Chad’s College Durham, in 2015 I saw huge potential in the website that currently wasn’t being reached. Among some of the problems of the old website were: Unstructured data. Cluttered pages. Hard to maintain content. Outdated design. In co-operation with the college and another student, we decided to completely … Continue reading St Chad’s College Website