High Performance Computing

In this section we explore some of the high performance computing (HPC) assignments that I have worked on at University.

The research spanned paradigms like:

  • Multi-core programming (OpenMP)
  • Distributed programming (MPI)
  • Graphics Card Programming (GPGPU)

Most of the code is written in C++ and visualised using Paraview or VTK.

Fluid Dynamics Simulation

Understanding fluid flows enables advancements in engineering problems like aerodynamics. To simulate the effects of these problems requires both high amounts of computational power and visualisation techniques to visualise the problems at high enough refinement to be useful. Optimisation Profiling Optimising the codes can be a difficult challenge, but through the use of profiling tools, … Continue reading Fluid Dynamics Simulation

n-Body Problem

The n-Body Problem is related to simulating a cluster of objects interacting through Newtonian forces. As part of a third year university assignment, I was tasked with simulating and optimising such an interaction. High Performance Computing Due to the high power needed to perform an accurate simulation, the project compares multiple scaling methods: Single Core … Continue reading n-Body Problem