Data Science

Big data is becoming more relevant in an ever expanding world of data. This section looks at some of my work in fields like information theory and big data.

It also looks at 99 Codes is, in my opinion, a fun read from when I was much younger and my first example of using computation to beat human speed and error at a small problem.

99 Codes

The creator of Minecraft, Notch, was about to release the Xbox Live Arcade version of Minecraft. Basically he had 99 codes to give away before the release for free to the first 99 people. Rather than being first come first served, he decided to have a bit of fun and send out the codes censored. … Continue reading 99 Codes

Bioinformatics String Matching

In the field of Bioinformatics we are tasked with processing large amounts of genomics data, searching for occurrences of particular patterns and matching different genomes together. To perform a sequence alignment efficiently, we implement 2 algorithsm: Needleman-Wunch Smith-Waterman After implementation, we work on optimising the models. The assignment gave a great introduction to the problems … Continue reading Bioinformatics String Matching

Data Compression

Data compressing data is an increasingly important field in computer science, due to the increasing need for content over expanding networks. One of the simplest lossless compression algorithms is Huffman Encoding, a greedy approach to finding an optimal prefix code. In an assignment in second year, I was tasked with implementing this algorithm in Python. I … Continue reading Data Compression