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Dynamic Keyboard is now available on Google Play.

Pro : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alastairbreeze.dynamickeyboardpro
Free : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alastairbreeze.dynamickeyboard

Dynamic Keyboard! A keyboard that changes as you type to aid typing!
Smart, Fast and Accurate!

Dynamic Keyboard is the worlds first dynamic keyboard.
We have new technologies like touch screens, yet we are still utilizing them as if they
were static buttons, without animations! How does this help us?

Using machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence algorithms I have been
able to create a database of intelligence that helps modify the keys visibility and
size depending upon the likelihood of that letter in the given context. Trained with
millions of words on 31 languages.

Rather than being obtrusive and ugly like predictive typing, this keyboard aids your
current method of typing to increase accuracy without wasting screen space.
For Example : If you press the ‘h’ key, the e,o,u,i and y keys expand as commonly the h
key would be followed by these letters. When they grow, they are now more likely to be
triggered, and keys like z etc stay small as they are unlikely to be needed.

This style of prediction doesn’t take over your typing, it aids your own skills to
increase speed and accuracy. You won’t even notice it’s there after a while!

This is not a keylogger! There is no data related permissions or any internet
permissions in this app. This app is COMPLETELY SAFE!


  • Predictive Characters to aid your accuracy and speed change size
  • Smooth Animations
  • Full Customization (Pro Only)
  • Colors or presets to choose from (Pro Only)
  • Many Shortcuts (eg swipe left = delete last word, double tap space or shift)
  • Tablet Optimized
  • Tablet Split Mode (Pro Only)
  • Battery Optimized
  • Multiple languages at same time. (Pro Only)
  • Safe
  • Easy To Setup
  • Google Voice Integrated! (Selected 4.0+ only)
  • Auto-correct (4.0+ only)
  • HD Fonts

I really appreciate your interest in the app!

If you buy the full version! Extra BIG Thank you for helping the app grow and you will allow me to help grow future products too!

Feedback Welcome!
Please contact me with any bugs, I will do my best to fix them! 😉

If you would like a language or keyboard layout adding, just contact me!

Dynamic Keyboard – FAQ

Q) How do I set the auto-correct language? A) The auto-correct uses the spell checker built into the Android OS. This means to change the language you must go to Settings/Language and Input/Spell Checker/(globe button) Q) How do I get the theme from the promotional video? A) In the pro version, go to the Dynamic … Continue reading Dynamic Keyboard – FAQ

Dynamic Keyboard – Languages And Layouts!

Languages Here is a list of currently supported languages : Albanian Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English (CA) English (UK) English (US) Estonian Finnish French German Hungarian Icelandic Indonesian Italian Latvian Lithuanian Malay Norwegian Polish Portuguese (Europe) Portuguese (Brazil) Romanian Serbian Latin Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish Swiss (German) Turkish Here are the languages I am working … Continue reading Dynamic Keyboard – Languages And Layouts!


How To Install : Download the app from whichever marketplace. Run the launcher application found in your app drawer. First press the ‘Enable’ button. Then click the tick to the left of where it says Dynamic Keyboard to enable it. You will be warned about the security of the app. But remember, the app has … Continue reading Help


28 thoughts on “Help

  1. Hello. I really like the idea of this keyboard. Most of it works fine. However the following are important issues:
    -When typing phone numbers, the . Does not change in a + when holding it. Thus it is impossible to type international phone numbers.
    -when going to the voice input mode and then back, the keyboard always changes to the default layout irregardless of the type of field.
    -backspace only works until the word is finished. Afterwards the only way to fix a word is with select/cut.

    I hope these things can be fixed.


  2. Tried to make an online banking deposit. when the numeric entry screen opened, there was no means of entering the “.” (US) to separate dollars from cents so I had to abort the transaction.

    1. Update .. on a different banking site, the “.” appeared on the keyboard but in place of where the “#” key was previously located

  3. i love being able to speak a message but is there anyway 2 put punctuation in while i’m talking. Eg saying stop or comma etc

  4. Autocorrect is still not working. The setting is enabled for the keyboard and Ive checked the language settings and there is no option to set autocorrect. Please help! Galaxy s3

  5. Got a problem with the Smiley’s on the full stop button, when the selection arc appears the preview is hidden beneath my fingers, it would make more sense to put the preview above the arc rather than below it. Otherwise well done.

  6. Hi how can I enable auto complete and how can I switch kkeyboards from french to english nd vice versa I ned to have both keyboard plesse

  7. I would like the capability to switch the primary and secondary language from a combo of keys or a macro. I often have to type text that will change language in a page or even paragraph and one word in my language will get changed to something in the other language.

  8. I have encountered a minor issue, or possibly just a poor design choice. When selecting a customized color scheme, the shadows’ color doesn’t apply to every key. For example when selecting the “Holo” color, the shift, numbers, backspace, and enter keys have a green shadow, while every other key has the correct shadow. Please make it so that when selecting a shadow color, there can be an option to make it so that EVERY key will have the same color. Thank you!

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