Computer Vision

Computer vision is the field of computer science focussed on giving computers the ability to see. At university I was fortunate enough to have been taught by industry leading computer vision researchers and work on some fascinating problems.

Real Time Tennis Line Vision

In modern sport, third umpire technologies are becoming more and more popular thanks to advancements in computer vision that can enable real time decisions to be made by technologies. Tennis has been a popular problem to assisting with line calls and was the challenge of one of my computer vision submodules in third year. The … Continue reading Real Time Tennis Line Vision

Real Time Video Mosaicking

Panoramas and photo spheres have became a key feature to any smartphone app. The problem consists with stitching a cluster of images together into a single continuous image. In a fourth year assignment, I was tasked with creating such a system in the using OpenCV. Using various image processing techniques, feature detection and matching algorithms … Continue reading Real Time Video Mosaicking