Rave Mod

One day when experimenting with Minecraft modding, I came up with the idea of a rave mod then released it. The Minecraft community went CRAZY for this, I came home one day after releasing it and just couldn’t believe the view counts were in the millions!

I can’t thank the community enough, was such an experience to see my work doing well!

Here is the link to more details in the Minecraft Forum:


About :

This is a client based mod which makes the following mobs and animals rave :

  • Players
  • Endermen
  • Pig Zombies
  • Zombies
  • Skeletons
  • Pigs
  • Cows
  • Sheep

Other players on servers will automatically rave! They and the server do not have to install the mod, just you for you to see the raving. (Toggle raving on and off with the ‘R’ Key!)

Spawn many pig zombies and hit one of them to start a mosh pit. I will add the ravers soon hopefully. But I do not want to overcomplicate the mod and make it incompatible with other mods.

Some would say the mod is a bit pointless, however it just makes viewing the game a little more fun and energetic.

How It Worked

The mod was actually really really simple! All it does is add a value to the angle of the entity body parts when it comes to rendering the different body parts.

This value was simply a set of summed sinusoidal waves at different phases, amplitudes and biases all determined by randomness! It results in a seemingly rave like motion!

So Simple! (literally 20 or so lines of code in a couple source files)

Release Videos


Review Videos

The Minecraft community went CRAZY for this. I tried to watch all the videos, but literally didn’t have the time! I even tried to make a playlist, but even this is missing most of the videos:

Here are a some of my favourites:

Current State of the Mod

The mod has been discontinued due to the difficulty keeping the mod updated without an official modding api.


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