LD30 – Parallel Island

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Story: Two parallel universes have collided. In the crash, the living creatures became mixed between the two universes.

Task: Get all of the living things to their own universe.

Catch: One of the universes is evil and its members will attack the members of the good universe, including you!

How: Use the switcher item(l-click when selected with r-click) to teleport between universes. Stand beside to an entity to teleport it with you. Repeat till sorted!


  • WASD – Move
  • Arrows – Change Camera
  • +- – Change Zoom
  • E or l-click – Use Item
  • Q or r-click – Switch Item
  • Space – Jump
  • Shift – Run
  • P – Toggle Pause
  • M – Toggle Mute

PLEASE NOTE : It works a lot better as an application rather than an applet. If having trouble with the applet, try downloading the application.


Developed in Java with LWJGL.


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