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Ascii Fireworks Live Wallpaper

 A vibrant live wallpaper of fireworks, but in the retro form of ASCII. I used some of the different characters available to create an interesting fireworks display. Characters ranging from ” / \ | _ ^ . ” to create the randomly generated colourful fireworks. Works with tablets too! ALL FREE! Features : Random firing … Continue reading Ascii Fireworks Live Wallpaper

Dynamic Keyboard

  Dynamic Keyboard is now available on Google Play. Pro : Free : Dynamic Keyboard! A keyboard that changes as you type to aid typing! Smart, Fast and Accurate! Dynamic Keyboard is the worlds first dynamic keyboard. We have new technologies like touch screens, yet we are still utilizing them as if they were static … Continue reading Dynamic Keyboard

Killhope Museum App

As part of a second year module at Durham University, we were tasked with building an app for a local museum as part of a team of 5. The assignment was designed to challenge our team to be able to design create an app to the spec of a client as part of a team. … Continue reading Killhope Museum App


      Octalping was my first app, developed back in 2012. Attempt to keep the meteor going by using your 8 paddles to deflect it and gain the highest score possible! Features : 8 synchronised paddles Animations Collectable items with random effects… High score system Configurable options Simple controls Sound effects Vibration feedback Game … Continue reading Octalping


  A vibrant live wallpaper of fireworks, but in the retro form of ASCII. Draw waves with your voice! See what you can draw! Save your creations! Share your creations! Enjoy! 😀 I spent 48 hours building this app back in 2012, it’s basic but I’m happy with it for a release and hope to … Continue reading Wavirtuoso


Web development is a key skill for any modern software engineer and is something I have became involved in various projects over the years. In this website sub-section, we will be highlighting a few projects I was once involved in.