Dynamic Keyboard – FAQ

Q) How do I set the auto-correct language?

A) The auto-correct uses the spell checker built into the Android OS. This means to change the language you must go to Settings/Language and Input/Spell Checker/(globe button)

Q) How do I get the theme from the promotional video?

A) In the pro version, go to the Dynamic Keyboard app, then click on the customize. Choose Regular key size, Circles as key shape, Sharp edges off, Key fill shadow  on, Translucent background, custom colours on and choose the preset Prototype Colors. Also change the animation level to bouncy if you want.

Q) I can’t get past the password lock screen?

A) Press shift and then return after typing your password in.


4 thoughts on “Dynamic Keyboard – FAQ

  1. how come no dynamic keyboard for IOS – i had it for my galaxy S3 a while ago and loved it, would really love it on my iphone 6

  2. Good keyboard. It could be ideal for a smartwatch phone if it could do a full screen overlay with transparent background. My Zgpax S8 is 240 * 240 pixels.All current keyboards are either too small or you can’t see what you type. The ability to change key label colours to contrast with input character colours would solve this problem. Having a 5*5 or less would mean easy input and one could swipe from letters to numbers and symbols.
    I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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