Programming in 3D is a much larger challenge than 2D, requiring use of more complex technologies like GPUs. Most of my work in this section has been focused on Java LWJGL, Android and WebGL.

Basic Flight Simulator

After working on the procedural generation of the Graphite Game 2D I wanted to progress what I had done into a 3D environment. I did so creating a plane that you could fly to test it out: The physics are pretty off, and were relying on AS level (2 years before Uni) physics and vector … Continue reading Basic Flight Simulator

Falling Box Game

Falling 3D game was my first endeavour into 3D graphics written in Java using LWJGL. The game consists of a randomised map of cubes that spin and move. The aim of the game is to reach the bottom without falling. The physics required a big learning curve for me, introducing concepts like entity management. Naturally, development … Continue reading Falling Box Game

Polar Terrain

Whilst studying polar coordinates. I embarked upon a project to try and use polar coordinates as a way of rendering 3D graphics in addition to some procedural rendering techniques. The results were very interest and I hope to integrate my knowledge into future projects.

Terrain Shooter Online

After working with basic socket programming, this project aimed to pull together some of the techniques I had picked up in other 3D programming projects to develop an online game. The approach was a simple client server model, allowing clients to connect to a server program running various threads and the game logic to return … Continue reading Terrain Shooter Online

WebGL Virtual Classroom

As part of a computer graphics university assignment, I was tasked with creating a virtual classroom in WebGL. You can try it at the bottom of this page to the demo or with the following Link. Demo