2D graphics development was a great starting point, and I have worked on projects in Java and Android. This section is dedicated to such projects.

Crazy Pong

Crazy pong was an initial PC prototype for what became Octalping. Here I tested out the idea, before diving into a larger and more refined Android app. The prototype was a success as it proved the addictiveness of the idea. Also some of the maths is just pure ugly, most likely due to me being … Continue reading Crazy Pong

Fly Game

Fly Game 2D was my first major milestone in programming. The project taught me some of the basics to Java rendering pipelines and really was the major turning point in programming for me. The project inspired me to continue learning Java development with the hope of someday being able to program some higher level software. … Continue reading Fly Game

Procedural Terrain Platformer

Graphite Game is a game that, like Crazy Pong and Octalping, started as a PC prototype growing into an Android app in development. This was in 2012 and sadly the development has now ceased, however the project was a great learning curve project. Fundamentally, It is basically a 2D scroller, which is a role playing … Continue reading Procedural Terrain Platformer


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