Game Development

As somebody who is not a gamer, one would think I am at a disadvantage, however working on games is a great hobby of mine.

In recent years I haven’t done much of this, however back a few years ago this was my key focus and was the major factor in learning to program.

Some areas I find of key interest:

  • Optimisation
  • Visual Programming
  • Physical Mechanics
  • Real Time Simulation
  • Network Design

By no means are any of the games I have made truely ready for publishing, most are simply experiments in game engine development. But please enjoy looking through some of the experiments I have done!


2D graphics development was a great starting point, and I have worked on projects in Java and Android. This section is dedicated to such projects.


Programming in 3D is a much larger challenge than 2D, requiring use of more complex technologies like GPUs. Most of my work in this section has been focused on Java LWJGL, Android and WebGL.

Minecraft Mods

Back in 2011 when I was about 15 I was still getting to grips with programming. I found that modding was a great opportunity to work with high standard real world code. It was around the time Minecraft was huge, and I decided to try and see if I could mod the game. These projects … Continue reading Minecraft Mods


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