Research & Experiments

Experiments are a collection of my past projects that are more for research or learning.

Whilst some experiments go well, some do end up becoming abandoned due to lack of prospect.

I hope you enjoy browsing the wide variety of experiments I have worked on.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has always been something I have a resonance with. The possibility of creating more intelligent machines inspires me and is something I enjoy reading.

Augmented Reality

The way we interact with our computers is evolving rapidly due to new hardwares becoming more readily available. An example of this is the Leap Motion hardware that allows developers to read hand signal data. I was lucky enough to get hold of a development kit in the early days and hence enabled some of … Continue reading Augmented Reality

Computer Vision

Computer vision is the field of computer science focussed on giving computers the ability to see. At university I was fortunate enough to have been taught by industry leading computer vision researchers and work on some fascinating problems.

Data Science

Big data is becoming more relevant in an ever expanding world of data. This section looks at some of my work in fields like information theory and big data. It also looks at 99 Codes is, in my opinion, a fun read from when I was much younger and my first example of using computation … Continue reading Data Science

Game Development

As somebody who is not a gamer, one would think I am at a disadvantage, however working on games is a great hobby of mine. In recent years I haven’t done much of this, however back a few years ago this was my key focus and was the major factor in learning to program. Some … Continue reading Game Development

High Performance Computing

In this section we explore some of the high performance computing (HPC) assignments that I have worked on at University. The research spanned paradigms like: Multi-core programming (OpenMP) Distributed programming (MPI) Graphics Card Programming (GPGPU) Most of the code is written in C++ and visualised using Paraview or VTK.

Ludum Dare

Here is a link to my Ludum Dare Author Page Competitions I have entered can be viewed below.

Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly powerful and useful thanks to advancements in machine learning that have made the technologies more accessible and relevant to solving problems. Some of the applications have been outstanding thanks to the amazing pattern recognition abilities, and have helped reach new levels of accuracy and simplicity in what used to be … Continue reading Machine Learning


Simulation is an interesting field that I have toyed with over the years and this section explores some. You can also find examples of simulation in Game Development and High Performance Computing.


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