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Dynamic Keyboard is now available on Google Play.

Pro : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alastairbreeze.dynamickeyboardpro
Free : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alastairbreeze.dynamickeyboard

Dynamic Keyboard! A keyboard that changes as you type to aid typing!
Smart, Fast and Accurate!

Dynamic Keyboard is the worlds first dynamic keyboard.
We have new technologies like touch screens, yet we are still utilizing them as if they
were static buttons, without animations! How does this help us?

Using machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence algorithms I have been
able to create a database of intelligence that helps modify the keys visibility and
size depending upon the likelihood of that letter in the given context. Trained with
millions of words on 31 languages.

Rather than being obtrusive and ugly like predictive typing, this keyboard aids your
current method of typing to increase accuracy without wasting screen space.
For Example : If you press the ‘h’ key, the e,o,u,i and y keys expand as commonly the h
key would be followed by these letters. When they grow, they are now more likely to be
triggered, and keys like z etc stay small as they are unlikely to be needed.

This style of prediction doesn’t take over your typing, it aids your own skills to
increase speed and accuracy. You won’t even notice it’s there after a while!

This is not a keylogger! There is no data related permissions or any internet
permissions in this app. This app is COMPLETELY SAFE!


  • Predictive Characters to aid your accuracy and speed change size
  • Smooth Animations
  • Full Customization (Pro Only)
  • Colors or presets to choose from (Pro Only)
  • Many Shortcuts (eg swipe left = delete last word, double tap space or shift)
  • Tablet Optimized
  • Tablet Split Mode (Pro Only)
  • Battery Optimized
  • Multiple languages at same time. (Pro Only)
  • Safe
  • Easy To Setup
  • Google Voice Integrated! (Selected 4.0+ only)
  • Auto-correct (4.0+ only)
  • HD Fonts

I really appreciate your interest in the app!

If you buy the full version! Extra BIG Thank you for helping the app grow and you will allow me to help grow future products too!

Feedback Welcome!
Please contact me with any bugs, I will do my best to fix them! 😉

If you would like a language or keyboard layout adding, just contact me!

89 thoughts on “Dynamic Keyboard

  1. Hi want to say that I really loved ur keypad very fluidic and nice
    Could u change the colour of the keypad it’s way too dull and c’mon u can atleast add a change colour option in the free version
    Could u also add an option wer if we get ppl we’ve polularised the app among to download it maybe we can get a premium versoon of the app free for a month or so. Cause I got around six ppl to download it and this will also popularise ur great app somewhat similar to what evernote does
    Plus a swipe to type option will be a big hit and pretty useful tool

  2. I have Dynamic keyboard (free verdion) downloaded on my samsung phone, but I cannot use it on lock screen as I don’t know how to press enter after typing the password

  3. There are two things, why I can’t use Dynamic keyboard as my default:
    1) It is impossible to write some Czech letters like “š”.
    2) Popup after hold a key down is unusable, because it is under my finger – how I can see it?

    Nice will be:
    1) Capability to edit smileys list.
    2) Move cursor by volume buttons.

  4. L’idée est tout simplement génial, mais son application n’est pas encore au point et je vais désinstaller pour les raisons suivantes :
    L’accès à la reconnaissance vocale ne fonctionne pas : “Couldn’t find the voice input service !” ;
    La prédiction en français n’est pas efficace, voire erronée :
    Exemples :
    Après BONJOU, ce sont les lettres T et S qui gonflent, alors que ce devrait être R (BONJOUS et BONJOUT n’existent pas en français !) ;
    Après MAINTE, ce sont les lettres R et D qui gonflent (et S un petit peu), alors que ce devrait être principalement N ? ;
    Après MAINTEN, c’est la lettre T qui gonflent (et C, D, E et S un petit peu), alors que ce devrait être A ? ;
    Après RETO, c’est la lettre R qui gonflent (et N un petit peu), alors que ce devrait être principalement U ? ;
    Après RETOU, c’est la lettre S qui gonflent (et T un petit peu et enfin R un tout petit peu !), alors que ce devrait être principalement R puis C ? ;

    Ce ne sont que quelques exemples flagrant mais la prédiction est trop souvent erronée !
    Enfin, le graphisme du clavier n’est pas réussi et demande à être amélioré, en particulier, pourquoi avoir choisi des touches grises sur fond gris ?

    Néanmoins, cette idée de clavier dynamique jumelée avec la puissance de prédiction d’autre clavier déjà sur la place comme Swiftkey ou équivalent serait particulièrement efficace et confortable.
    Il faut vous associer, et ne pas réinventer le fil à couper le beurre !

    Bravo pour l’idée, au boulot et bon courage !

    Olivier STRAUB
    (Samsung Galaxy S2 avec Android 2.3.3)

    Translated in english :

    The idea is just great, but its application is not yet ready and I’ll remove for the following reasons:
    Access to the voice recognition does not work: “Could not find the voice input service!” ;
    The prediction in French is not effective or wrong:
    After BONJOU, are the letters T and S which swell, then it should be R (BONJOUS and BONJOUT do not exist in French!)
    After MAINTE, are the letters R and D which swell (and S a little bit), then it should be mainly N ? ;
    After MAINTEN is the letter T which swell (and C, D, E and S a little bit), then it should be A ? ;
    After RETO is the letter R which swell (and N a little bit), then it should be mainly U ? ;
    After RETOU is the letter S which swell (T a little bit, and finally R a little little bit!), Whereas it should be mainly R and C? ;

    These are just a few obvious examples, but the prediction is often wrong!

    Finally, the graphics of the keyboard is not successful and needs to be improved, in particular, why did you choose gray buttons on a gray background?

    However, this idea of ​​dynamic keyboard combined with the predictive power of the other keyboard already in place as Swiftkey or equivalent would be very effective and comfortable.
    You must get involved with them, and do not reinvent the wire sliced ​​bread!

    Bravo for the idea, go to work and good luck!

    Olivier STRAUB
    (Samsung Galaxy S2 with Android 2.3.3)

  5. When is going to be the app available in google play?

    it says that today is going to be release, im really interest and looking foward to get this app since a week ago!

  6. me gusta el teclado lo estaba esperando hace dias… ya es 14 de setiembe … nos puedes dar el link en play store o alguna pagina para descargarlo por favor

  7. hola, estoy buscando en el store y no aparece la app. me podrían decir si ya la subieron al store? o a que se debe?

    1. Hi thanks for the comment! 😀
      Its great to see people interested.
      Currently I haven’t added indonesian to the keyboard. However I can add it to my todo list! I can’t promise I will be able to or how long it will take, but I will do my best!
      Thanks :)

    1. Hi glad you like it!
      I would absolutely love to develop the app for iOS. However there are currently no apple API’s available for me to be able to build my keyboard on apple to use instead of the apple keyboard.
      If ever Apple do add the API’s to make it possible I will try. 😀
      Sorry :(

    1. Hi glad you like it!
      I would absolutely love to develop the app for iOS. However there are currently no apple API’s available for me to be able to build my keyboard on apple to use instead of the apple keyboard.
      If ever Apple do add the API’s to make it possible I will try. 😀
      Sorry :(

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  9. Pretty cool. But will it be possible to disable animations to preserve battery life? I think the keys should be able to scale up the same way, but without any animations.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for the comment 😀

      On the release version the animations will be toned down a lot and also you will be able to alter options on the animation levels which will alter the refresh rate to preserve battery. :)

    1. Hi there! Great to see you are keen!

      Thanks for the interest, but sadly the beta is full at the moment, but not long till release now!

      Also I am in the process of trying to add Cyrillic to the languages, I will do my best to see if I can. :)

  10. hi, i’m really impresive about dinamic keyboard, i want to ask you if you have a site to beta tester the app, or in the official release 14th , will be in beta??

    1. Hi there!

      Thanks for the interest, its great to see people keen! 😀
      Sadly the current beta is full, but the release is pretty close now!

      Also the release on the 14th is a full release not a beta 😀

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