Ascii Fireworks Live Wallpaper

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 A vibrant live wallpaper of fireworks, but in the retro form of ASCII.

I used some of the different characters available to create an interesting fireworks display.
Characters ranging from ” / \ | _ ^ . ” to create the randomly generated colourful fireworks.

Works with tablets too!


Features :
# Random firing fireworks
# Click anywhere to instantly create a firework
# Simple to setup
# Vibrant colours of fireworks
# Well optimised to work with most screens
# Twinkling stars in the background made with ‘.’

Hope you like it! 😀
It’s the first live wallpaper I’ve made so I welcome feedback. If you like it please give it a rating, and show your friends. :) Also please feel free to check out my other apps! 😀
Thanks, Alastair Breeze

Instructions : (just like any other live wallpaper)
Click and hold on the background of your home-screen. Click live wallpaper, and choose the Fireworks ASCII Live Wallpaper from the list. No options to be setup required!

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