Game Development

I am a true believer in just doing it, and learning game development for me was just that. Myself not being a gamer one would think I am at a dissadvantage, however the only way I can describe working on games is addicting! Moreso than playing the games themselves.

In recent years I haven’t done much of this, however back a few years ago this was my key focus and was the major player in learning to program.

If I would give advice to anybody about learning to code, this is certainly a way to do it!

  • Optimizing
  • Visuals
  • Mechanics
  • Live Output
  • Networking

are a selection of the areas that I have worked in thanks to coding some game engine style projects.

By no means are any of the games I have made truely ready for publishing, most are simply experiments in game engine development. But please enjoy looking through some of the experiments I have done!

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