Experiments are a collection of my projects that are more for research or learning reasons, as opposed to marketing reasons.

Whilst some experiments go well, some do end up becoming abandoned due to lack of research prospect. Some of the projects are still in progress, and some with hope to be picked up in future.

Some experiments can be downloaded, and some may even contain the source code for you to browse over. Please respect my decisions in the information that I wish to disclose, but if you would like to request further information please contact me here.

2 thoughts on “Experiments

  1. I mentioned in my review of Dynamic Keyboard Pro in the Play store that it breaks my Bluetooth keyboard. I’m sure that will be fixed soon. I’m just now learning about autocorrect. I want to keep it on but want to be able to disable it easily for single words. I had the Go keyboard as default. I was not allowed to type Doris Day. It forced Doris day. I had to change the default back to the stock android (4.3) keyboard. I’m using the Bluetooth keyboard now.

    I look forward to future releases and hope you can get Dynamic Keyboard Proto let ME be in control while using autocorrect and allow it to play nice with my Bluetooth keyboard.

    1. Hi there!
      Sorry about this. Does it crash? If so please send the error report for me to analyse. I will do my best to fix this. Also what kind of keyboard is it? I will try find a similar one to try and recreate this :)

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