Basic Flight Simulator 3D

After working on the procedural generation of the Graphite Game 2D I wanted to progress what I had done into a 3D environment. I did so, but then got bored and made a plane that you could fly to test it out:

The physics are pretty off, and were relying on AS level (2 years before Uni) covered physics and vector mechanics. Although, it didn’t actually go too bad and was actually pretty fun.

I purposely left the chunk loading low to be able to see the chunk loading in action.

Also note the collision detection was a bit dodgy and only acted in the centre and really was only there to prevent you flying under the map.

I did also get it working with the Leap Motion Virtual Steering Wheel I worked on later which I encourage you to check out.

If you would like the source code, please contact me and I can look to upload it.

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