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Dynamic Keyboard Updated to 1.10.0!

A warm new update, as promised for the festive season!

Quite a modest update, however expect more over the Christmas period!

Here are some of the changes –

  • Fixes numeric keyboard not containing the period key
  • Clearer symbols keyboard
  • Many optimizations
  • Auto-complete no longer on by default on installation (won’t affect current settings).
  • The * key is now on the first page of the symbols keyboard
  • Minor bug fixes

More keyboard layouts and letters to come soooooon!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is coming!

With exams finished, this will enable some more time for development! Here is the plan for the holiday!

An UPDATE to Dynamic Keyboard! = DONE!

This will feature many bug fixes, new layouts and new features! – 

A BRAND NEW Android Live Wallpaper App planned for the festive season!

More information to come soon about this!

A major update to ASCII Fireworks Live Wallpaper!

An update that will improve graphics, colours, more fireworks, optimizations and more options to the retro new year app!

Releasing a Leap Motion App!

More information on this to come soon!


I will be posting all progress over the course of the holiday! I will be doing my best to try and accomplish all of this, but could be tricky to have it done in time.

Dynamic Keyboard -100k Milestone!

A few months back when initially developing this app as an experiment, never did I imagine the amount of interest that it would entail!

Thank you so much for your support!

It’s incredible to think how many people enjoy the app.

Sorry about the recent decrease in frequency of updates. There will be a small bug fixing update soon. I have plans for a big update in the a few months time. Keep your eyes pealed!

Once Again Thank you!

Alastair Breeze